O Mundo Segue Indiferente a Nós
Curadoria de Tales Frey

Exposição coletiva

O Mundo Segue Indiferente a Nós [The World Goes Indifferent to Us]

Curatorship by Tales Frey

Opening: June 11th (FRI) // after 3pm

Patente até: July 25th

artist: Suzana Queiroga

[Free Entrance] 


Parallel Program*

In Flow (Film Sessions & Talk with Suzana Queiroga & Tales Frey, in Portuguese)

  • Jun 23th, at 5pm [canceled activity]

  • Jul 21th, at 9pm

When debugging a creative process started in 2020, already in the context of the covid-19 pandemic, the Portuguese-Brazilian artist Suzana Queiroga idealized a large installation (still unpublished) designed especially for the Maus Hábitos exhibition hall, extrapolating two-dimensional matrices to generate spatialities and sculptural achievements, allowing for various feasible or imaginary paths.


Last year, the artist started the series “The World Goes Indifferent to Us”, initially exploring incisions on paper to build shapes through gaps and, by superimposing these layers in layers, something new emerged in the course of it, confirming topics already previously investigated in relation to urban routes and varied flows, but this time, mainly capturing the concept of time and infinity, granting visibility to the ineffable, where there is a visual reasoning that elucidates a time that directs us to a greater awareness of our ephemerality and , also, about the urgency of a worldview [Weltanschauung], of a notion about our interdependence in a more globalized way.


And if it is from the incision in the material that each work of the artist is revealed, it is also through the suspension of each cut out plan that we can understand possible complaints in the cartographies revealed in her creations of years ago, of which human interference in landscapes throughout the The civilization process - based on destruction and justified as progress - is impregnated. In this sense, Suzana Queiroga's trajectory is continuously decolonial.


And, in this current phase in which the textile material provides metaphorical access to a non-earth plane, the artist exposes the current and tragic period of health crisis that we are going through, denouncing the social inequality generated by the capitalist functioning that hierarchizes lives and, above all, to the using felt (a thermal insulator) as the subject of her newest creation, Suzana comments on the current situation of isolation in family units, shared living spaces, or individual homes, yet she also narrates the permanent risk in the face of a virus that crosses borders.


The project is a reflection on the fragility and brevity of our existence and, although distilling a certain skepticism, it nevertheless points out ludic and subjective paths towards destinations that transcend reality.

Tales Frey


Programa Paralelo

Total running time: 36'

Sala de Espetáculos

Audio: Portuguese 

Session Presentation: 

In this session consisting of four videos and a conversation between the artist and the curator, different moments of Suzana Queiroga's trajectory will be presented, considering passages since her admission to the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro and her first major productions in the 1980s to the present pandemic of 2020/2021.


Suzana Queiroga, 2015

Mini-documentary, 17'15''

Directed by Ana Dantas

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



From an autobiographical perspective, this mini-documentary presents Suzana Queiroga, an artist active since the 1980s, whose work is characterized by a wide variety of media, among them painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and video art, exploring poetics approaching the issues of flow, time and infinity.

Flutuo Por Ti (teaser), 2013

Video, 05'48''

Directed by Suzana Queiroga

Editing and post-production - Renato Vallone

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The teaser "Flutuo por Ti" is the summary of a not yet completed project for a feature film by the artist, which will involve a series of balloon flights conceived as artistic propositions.


Olhos D'água, 2013

Video, 6'59''

Directed by Suzana Queiroga

Cinematography - Mario Grisolli and Renato Vallone

Editing and post-production - Renato Vallone

Mixing - Nado Leal

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



The Olhos d'água project won the V Marcantonio Vilaça/ FUNARTE Award in 2013 and the video won the Acquisition Award at the XVIII Cerveira Biennial in 2015.  


The Olhos d'água exhibition, which this video was a part of, was a great tribute to my father, a young 27-year-old Portuguese man who died in a plane crash in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when my mother was pregnant with me.  A unexpectedly interrupted journey. This video brings a complex symbology, the shattering and dissolution of his body in the sea, the fado, the waiting for someone who will never come back, the blue of Guanabara Bay where the plane crashed, and the blue that made its mark in my father's life, who used this color in his drawings and diary covers.

Suzana Queiroga: O Mundo Segue Indiferente a Nós, 2020

Video, 07'31''

Directed by Suzana Queiroga

Editing - Tales Frey

Lisbon, Portugal



Starting from a relationship with infinity and the unfoldings and possibilities thereof in an artistic residency at the Atelier of AIR 351 in Cascais, artist Suzana Queiroga elaborates a series entitled "O Mundo Segue Indiferente a Nós" from incisions on papers.



Suzana Queiroga lives between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. She works with a wide variety of media, including videos, performances, installations, inflatables, paintings, drawings and sculptures. Her artistic poetics cross the issues of flow, time and infinity. In her large-scale works, the experience of expanding the senses can generate spaces for collective immersion. She won several art awards in Brazil and Portugal. Recent exhibitions, in 2020, Sem Limites, Maia’s Forum, Porto, Portugal, in 2019, “Rios do Rio”, Museu Histórico Nacional, RJ, “Cartography for Peace”, Sput & Nik the Window, Porto, Portugal; 2018, "Miradouro", Paço Imperial, RJ, ”Pinturas", Cassia Bomeny Gallery, guest artist at the XX Internacional Biennial of Cerveira ", Portugal," Open Studio ", Air 351, Portugal; "Women" in the MAR collection, Museum of Art of Rio, RJ, VI Marcantonio Vilaça Award for Plastic Arts, MUBE, SP, XIX International Biennial of Cerveira, Portugal; 2016, “Ah, Molécula!”, Inflatable installation, Museu do Amanhã, RJ, “A Cor do Brasil”, at MAR, RJ. 2015, “ÁguaAr”, at CAAA, Guimarães, and Acquisition Award at the XVIII Biennial of Cerveira, both in Portugal. She was a resident artist at AIR 351, Portugal, 2018, CAAA, Portugal, 2015, IV Bienal del Fin del Mundo, Argentina, in 2014, Instituto Hilda Hilst, São Paulo, in 2013 and at Akademia der Bildenden der Künste Wien, Vienna, Austria , 2012.

Tales Frey 

Tales Frey (Catanduva-São Paulo, 1982) is an independent curator and transdisciplinary artist represented by Galeria Verve de São Paulo. He lives and works between Brazil and Portugal. He creates artworks supported by both visual and scenic arts, located at the intersection between performance, video, photography, object, ornament/costumes and instruction.

He is the editor of the Performatus magazine, through which he maintains an art collection, holds a series of events and publications. He has a BA in Performing Arts - Theater Direction by UFRJ, MA degree in Theory and Criticism of Art from the University of Porto, PhD in Theater and Performance Studies from the University of Coimbra and a post-doctorate in Arts from the University of Minho, being invited to join the Research Group in Artistic Studies as a senior researcher at the latter institution.

He has presented his work at several national and international events and institutions. Among them: SESC in Brazil, The Kitchen and Sattelite Art Show in New York, Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse in France, MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Helio Oiticica Municipal Art Center in Rio de Janeiro, BienalSur in Buenos Aires , Akureyri Art Museum in Iceland, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Center in Auckland in New Zealand, Labirynt Gallery in Poland, Defibrillator Gallery in Chicago, Galleria Moitre in Turin, Kuala Lumpur 7th Triennial - Barricade in Malaysia, The Biennial 6th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival at Thailand, among others.

Some of his works permanently integrate public and private collections, among them: Museu Serralves and Museu Bienal de Cerveira in Portugal, MUNTREF in Buenos Aires, Pinacoteca João Nasser, MAC Niterói, MAM Rio de Janeiro and MAC USP in Brazil.

Ficha Técnica

Curatorship: Tales Frey

General Coordination & Production Direction: Mariana Vitale

Digital Content and Comunication: Filipe Confraria, Joana Lopes e Mariana Vitale

Press Office: Filipe Confraria

Design: Luís Teixeira

Exhibition Montage: Kiko Richard

Artistic Assistence: A Xavier & Mateuse 

Photograph: José Caldeira

Cleaning: Manuela Pinto

Organization: Saco Azul e Maus Hábitos


Arte Capital
A Indiferença do Mundo segundo Suzana Queiroga

Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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