São João Baloeiro 2016



• 15 Jun • 19h • Opening of the exhibition São João Baloeiro of large format Fire Balloons • Av. dos Aliados, 195 (Axa Store) • In exhibition from June 16th until June 25th.
• 20 to 23 Jun • Fire Balloons Workshops with master Balloonist Luciano Britto and with a free “Mini Balloonist Tool-Kit” guide • 10h to 19h (lunch break from 12h30 to 14h) in Av. dos Aliados, 195 (Loja Axa).
• 23 Jun • St. John’s Night Launch • 00h / 02h • launch of 250 Balloons in Av. dos Aliados, in front of the City Hall.
• 22 Jul • Launch of a online tutorial video channel, with videos about the practical application of the craft, and release of the complete practical guide “Master Balloonist Tool-Kit” to promote the knowledge of this tradition.

Maus Hábitos presents its 3rd edition of the project “São João Baloeiro” (St. John Balloonist), which continually promotes the dissemination of the fire balloons art and craft and its tradition in popular Portuguese festivities.

The project will have 4 days of free workshops for the creation of fire balloons led by Master Balloonist Luciano Britto, open to the community, that will culminate in a collective launch of more than 250 balloons in St. John’s night, between 00am and 02am, in front of the City Hall. In the workshops will be distributed the 1st edition of the “Mini Balloonist Tool-Kit”, a practical guide for the creation of balloons.

This year the project focuses on the transmission of knowledge and will present in July a complete practical guidebook called “Master Balloonist Tool-Kit” and an open and free online channel with several tutorial videos on the making of different types of balloons, that will allow a mass dissemination of the balloon craft art.

Workshops of fire balloons on the 20, 21 and 22 from 10h to 19h (lunch break from 12h30 till 14h), and on the 23 from 10h to 12h30. Preparations for the collective launch take place on the 23 from 14h to 18h. Workshops are free and limited to 18 entries per day. For admission please send to the email carmo.osul@maushabitos.com your name, age, phone, email and preferred day of participation, identifying if you’re be attending the hole day or just morning or afternoon.



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16.06.15 - São João Baloeiro 2016

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16.06.15 - São João Baloeiro 2016
16.06.15 - São João Baloeiro 2016
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