Papeis Orientados


The exhibition program of Saco Azul in Maus Hábitos for 2017 opens with the exhibition Papéis Orientados (Oriented Papers), which brings together a group of artists to think about the Paper as a matter, concept and symbol through all its multiplicity. It suggests a reflection of its historical evolution and its contemporaneity through the individual proposals of the invited artists who will explore some possible aspects and forms of an Oriented Paper.

The group of artists, composed by Hugo Oliveira, João Baeta, João Pedro Trindade, Marianne Baillot, Miguel Januário, Nelson Duarte and Rita Senra, present, in this exhibition, choices and possibilities that pose different aesthetic questions, divided between what is poetic or political, which invite us to think about the multiple morphologies and margins of the sensitive space in the public space.

This project had the support of the Oficinas do Convento in Montemor-o-Novo.

17.01.12 - Papeis Orientados




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Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
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17.01.12 - Papeis Orientados

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17.01.12 - Papeis Orientados
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