FEMME Sessions #35 | Porto Femme

Sessão de cinema

Feminine Cinema Cycle – 29th Screening

30.12- 21h00

Duration: 60 min

Show Room

In October, under the heading Films at the Table, we present an extension of the 3rd Edition of PORTO FEMME - INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL!

On the screen of Maus Hábitos it will be possible to watch a first filmic body, one of the many mirrors of this festival’s edition, which also occupies this venue monthly with a cinema offering directed by women.

The 3rd edition of PORTO FEMME came to an end last October 10th, after five days of film screenings, workshops, tributes, debates, a concert and an exhibition. With 127 films from 39 countries competing in the different categories.

In this session, which is diverse in its curatorship in terms of themes, the public will be able to see some of the films awarded by the Jury.



International Competition – Experimental Special Mention

USA | 7’23’’ | 2019 

Director: Joanie Wind

Producer: Joanie Wind


Society’s capitalist and consumerist views of women amount to little more than their views of horses. Their value is found not in their humanity, but in their appearance and their labor, and how each may be exploited. In Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses, these relationships and parallels occur to the narrator as she considers her grandma’s life as well as her own. Layers of animated colors, textures, and found footage explore these observations, the idea of healing family trauma, and the metaphorical significance of horses and women’s gender roles.

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Competição Internacional – Melhor Animação

Iceland | 15’00’’ | 2019 

Director: Anna Karín 

Cast: Hafrún Arna Johannes-dóttir, Birta Mubaraka

Producer: Anna Karín


Lísa is fifteen years old and lives with her mother in the suburbs in Iceland. She is different from girls her age, and she hasn’t reached puberty. She is isolated and has a big secret about herself. Regular uncomfortable doctors visits and struggling with her self image demonstrates her everyday life.


National Competition – Best Documentary

Portugal | 21’00’’ | 2020 

Director: Maria Mire

Cast: Marta Rego

Producer: Plataforma M


Through archives and memory exercises, the story of the obstetrician Cesina Bermudes is told. A conversation that starts by the window and extends through an imagined intimacy: “I was sweeping the ground floor of a house that we occupied in Lisbon. I heard someone knocking on the window. Then I saw you. At the time you’d be about 80 years old. You had very curled hair and you were all dressed in white, leaning on a cane… do you remember?”


National Competition – Best short fiction

Portugal | 12’10’’ | 2018 

Director: Matilde Calado

Cast: Mia Tomé, Rodrigo Perdigão, Filipe Abreu, Ricardo Barbosa

Producer: Matilde Calado, António Simão


Even before we know ourselves, when we are little, the only thing we want is to be loved. Alice By Night is an observational fiction. It shows us the common state we are when in love and the determination when being after someone. An analysis on the old illusion that the prince charming will come and fill the emotional weaknesses we have in life.


National Competition – Best Actress Special Mention - Teresa Tavares

Portugal | 13’12’’ | 2018 

Director: Leonor Alexandrino

Cast: Teresa Tavares, José Martins, Leonardo Proganó

Producer: Glória Dias


Diana is a 42 year old swimming coach who is on sick leave and spends her nights alone at home without sleeping. On one of these nights Diana starts to hear, at late hours, a strange noise coming from the street. When she goes to the balcony she sees a blind man walking outside, stopping to look at Diana. This enigmatic figure upsets her so much that, after seeing the blind man again the following nights, she decides to go after him. Diana follows him to a beach and both have a conversation where their past is revealed.


Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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