Sell The Fish
Marco Taveira


The Mupi Gallery presents in September the exhibition Sell The Fish by Marco Taveira, an artist and key member of the team Maus Hábitos. The triptych of Mupis will be occupied with pieces produced through composite drawing by transparencies and overlays, oversized details and distorted scales, in a set of compositions that will fill the room with black over light.

“In my recent work I’ve been developing an approach and reflection about the element Fish, exploiting visually and phonetically its multiple forms and meanings, in ironical word games. Sell Fish turns into Selfish, or into Sell The Fish, and serves as a metaphor for the social trends of self exposure and communication. It reveals a new common everyday life, as new relations arise between individuals, and I try to understand this new sensibility and its affinity with dialogue. What are the various layers of personality and how do they deconstruct themselves while facing certain situations?

“Sell the Fish” is the work’s motto, highlighting the new practice of individualistic marketing of our personality, skills and image. The metaphor is both verbal and visual, exploring the fish’s anatomy with curiosity. Drawing and euphemism are used as tools to reflect upon society, and the experimental approach, the anatomic study, the deconstruction of the model and the necessity to obtain a deeper knowledge about form compose a parallelism with human relations.”

Marco Taveira

16.09.02 - Marco Taveira - Sell The Fish


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16.09.02 - Marco Taveira - Sell The Fish

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16.09.02 - Marco Taveira - Sell The Fish
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