Material Escavado
André Alves


Mupi Gallery host in June André Alves with the series “Excavated Material”, developed by the artist since 2012. André Alves'​ ​works​ ​study the systems that sustain the identification of contemporary subjects with the senses of instability and crisis by making use of a textual and visual articulation that are, quite often, defined by a staged sensation.

André Alves (Lever, 1981) is a visual artist and doctoral researcher in Artistic Practice at Valand Academy - University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

He studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2013-16), holds a MFA in Drawing from the University of Cincinnati (2011) under a Fulbright fellowship, a MA in Art Education (2009) and a BFA (2005) from the University of Porto.

17.06.17 - André Alves


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17.06.17 - André Alves

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17.06.17 - André Alves
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