Fly in the Face of Fluff
Heitor Alvelos


Antifluffy is the pop cousin of Autodigest, both dedicated to a critique of the current culture of entertainment and the paradoxical labyrinths of late consumerism. While Autodigest takes the cerebral, strategic route, Antifluffy gets down and dirty, visceral
in the face of fluff. A totemic presence, Antifluffy adopts shapes that are constantly on the verge of some humanoid semblance, yet not quite there. This is an attempt to awaken intuitive cognition and fertile perception.

Whether disemboweling magnetic tape or analogue photographs, delivering impassioned manifestos or grunting shards of ballads onstage, Antifluffy is an invitation to rise above the bore of derivative karaoke, the endless re-packaging of interchangeable autotune divas, photoshopped selfies, sanitised pseudo-eroticism,
or the sugar-coated shoving of ideology onto the slums of digital iHallucination.

The project is fully aware of the hall of mirrors it faces: as much of contemporary, neural-driven cultural production betrays a sinister undertone below its pretence of bliss, so the aesthetics of defiance are often readily neutralised and appropriated into a lexicon of reductiveness; remaining driven and persistent in face of the loud
cynicism of cute aesthetics has become a challenge - particularly when these aesthetics seem to hang out so cosily within the very same media channels that predict, describe and interpret unspeakable horrors.

And this is possibly why Antifluffy needs to keep diversifying its own media, its own contexts and embodiments: we are already on our toes as it is, the least we can do is use that volatility towards creation.

17.10.07 - Heitor Alvelos


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17.10.07 - Heitor Alvelos

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17.10.07 - Heitor Alvelos
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