“Collective exhibition or relational device? This is the starting point. The game, the problem. Here is intended a relation between images, spectators and artists. A random and equal relationship, specific from constellation compositions, that for this reason and a priori doesn’t have any kind of hierarchy. (...) The image each artist present can be the result of their artistic practice or coming from the world of the things of their life. It can result as a work or image that could belong to any newspaper, edited on a social network or sent to someone by mobile phone, using resources and tools of urban space and everyday life at their disposal, artists and not artists. (...) Thus the relations between images won’t be conformed by art theory or art critique, but by the chaos from which they emerge and from the contingency of relations that can be glimpsed in the performance of a relational device that can be a collective exposition.”

Texto by Trapo

17.12.16 - Caleidoscópio


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17.12.16 - Caleidoscópio

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17.12.16 - Caleidoscópio
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