Miguel Palma


Incision is an exhibition composed of images of three objects: a glove (Golden Gate Bridge, 2018), a remote (Several Channels, 2018) and a telescopic scope (1 Click 1/8, 2018). They are objects that refer us to the idea of distance, since they have the functionality of mediating a sensorial - tactile, visual and auditory – connection. These mediations function as bridges inscribing an incision in the landscape, a line joining two points. Displaced from their original function, these objects are now at the center of the viewer's eyes, they are the protagonists and not the intermediaries. The background behind the pieces has a mondrian organization, as if they were pantones or color tests, which suggests an exercise of visual inquiry.


Miguel Palma
He was born in 1964 in Lisbon, where he currently lives and works. Its artistic path characterized by the strong sculptural component, is distinguished mainly by the improbable installations. He works often in collaboration with teams of engineers, mechanics, carpenters and biologists, among other specialists. Its production has a hybrid character, linked to the industrial production of the twentieth century. Palma's work often addresses how technology has influenced modern man's life, its relation to the environment and the ideas of human comfort or the idea of ​​power. Parallel to the installations, it uses the design, the video and the performance.

18.03.24 - Miguel Palma - Incisão


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18.03.24 - Miguel Palma - Incisão

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18.03.24 - Miguel Palma - Incisão
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