João Fiadeiro & Patrícia Almeida


Corpo-coisa [Body-thing] is the result of one of many collaborations between the choreographer João Fiadeiro and the photographer Patrícia Almeida, where the works of the first gains, at the hands of the second, a life that expands beyond the scene.
The images presented here were taken in the show "O que fazer daqui para trás" (Fiadeiro, 2015) that has an extremely simple act: 5 performers run around a theater in order to become an exhausted body. Once arrived at the tipping point of exhaustion, performers come on the stage to (re)present themselves in front of a microphone, talking about the experience they had “outside”. Inside, the performers' instructions are also simple: restart running the minute their bodies accommodate themselves and retrieve their “body-subject” properties. This pattern repeats itself until it is not possible to continue the run. That’s when the performance ends.
In one of the shows, we improvised a photo studio out of the view fill and asked the performers to make a short stop before continuing their running task. The 3 selected moments presented here, separated by intervals of about 20 minutes, portray the performer Márcia Lança in three distinct phases of the running experience and just before entering the stage. The restriction imposed by the photographic / choreographic dispositive, which forces them to stop in front of the camera (replicating the action they will make seconds later in front of the spectator), produces a type of presence that Fiadeiro searches in his works: a body-event (“a body-thing”) quality, which lies between "here and there", on the border of the deformity and collapse, and therefore more available, open and full of potencial.
"O que fazer daqui para trás" premiered at the Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon on November 11th, 2015. In Porto was presented on May 4th, 2016, at Teatro Rivoli in the framework of the DDD Festival.

Cicle The Politics of images with curatorship by João Baeta

Choreographer, performer, researcher and teacher, João Fiadeiro (1965) belongs to the generation of choreographers that emerged towards the end of the 1980s and gave rise to the Nova Dança Portuguesa [New Portuguese Dance]. A large part of his education and training was carried out between Lisbon, New York and Berlin. He then joined the Companhia de Dança de Lisboa [Lisbon Dance Company] (1986-88) and the Gulbenkian Ballet (1989-90). In 1990 he founded the RE.AL Company that supported the creation and diffusion of his own shows, regularly presented all over Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and South America, and also represented and coached emerging artists, as well as transdisciplinary artists in the frame of Atelier Real’s programmation. The Real Time Composition method, that was first designed to support the writing and the dramaturgical composition of his works, has in the meanwhile become a theoretical-practical tool and platform to research decision-making, representation and collaboration. This research develops in cooperation with many other disciplines, such as economy, anthropology and complex systems sciences, and has lead João Fiadeiro to coordinate workshops in Masters and PhDs in several national and international schools and universities. He is presently attending the Contemporary Arts doctoral program of the Colégio das Artes in Coimbra.

Patrícia Almeida (1970-2017). She studied History at the New University of Lisbon and Photography at Goldsmiths College (London). Interested in documentary photography as a territory of research and artistic creation, she started by undertaking works that question the relationship between the individual and the urban space. In 2008, she produced the Portobello series, a project that brings together photographs, video projections and slides, and explores the imagery associated with "brand places" promoted such as summer tourist destinations. This project was published in 2009 and exhibited at the ZDB gallery in Lisbon and Art Algarve at the invitation of the Serralves Foundation, in Loulé. In 2010, under the BESphoto prize, the exhibition All Beauty Must Die, which combines photographs, videos, serigraphs and self-published books, explores the relationships between youth, pop music, romanticism and landscape. In 2011, she founded the publishing house GHOST ( with David-Alexandre Guéniot dedicated to the edition of books of artists. Some of these books were the starting point for individual exhibitions, videos or installations such as "15 de Outubro 2011" (Vila Franca de Xira Biennial, 2016), "Ma vie va changer" (Festival Loops, 2016) or "Fotografo-te fotografá-lo fotografar-me", her last exhibition, presented in Oporto, in March 2017.
Her work is regularly presented in Portugal and Europe and is part of several collections, among them PLMJ, Serralves Foundation, New Bank Collection, Center of Visual Arts of Coimbra and Portuguese Center of Photography.

18.11.22 - João Fiadeiro & Patrícia Almeida


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18.11.22 - João Fiadeiro & Patrícia Almeida

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18.11.22 - João Fiadeiro & Patrícia Almeida
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