Rita Lino


'Maria' | Rita Lino
Cycle "The Politics of images", with curatorship by João Baeta


a female given name, form of Mary.
mother of jesus / mother nature / mother of all of us

“This trilogy is sustained for questions of perception. Maybe a kind of subversion.
An ironical process, turning the body and myself into what I want to project, exploring what we could perceive as natural. A closer look at the body in all its modes while also exploring the line between sexuality and purpose.
The body is condemned to a series of attitudes, poses, and readings; it is unable to escape its status as a kind of story waiting to be told and even the most casual poses can cause a detailed reading about what we are and how we arrived there.”

Rita Lino (2017-2018)
B&W – 35mm


Born in Portugal, 1986, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Rita Lino began tracing her own path in Photography by exploring freely and without any kind of pre-conception the construction of the still image of the body.
Uses the analog of digital means os photopraghy to show us a “natural obsession” with the human body, in an intimacy presented in a visceral way. Simultaneously Lino has developed fashion projects and collaborated with several initiatives and international brands.
We highlight her participations and collaborations in publications, in a selection as:
2016 Blow Magazine, Dublin – Feature; ID Magazine, Spain – Interview; S Magazine, Denmark – Feature “Structures” | 2015 Dazed Digital, UK – Interview; L’oeil de la photographie, France – Feature; American SuburbX (ASX), USA – Book review; Collector Daily, USA – Book review; YET Magazine, Switzerland – Book review; Metal Magazine, Spain – Interview & Book review; Magenta #1, Poland – Feature “Nowa Anatomia”; Art-magazin, Germany – Interview | 2014 L’Amatour, Belgium – Feature “La fille d’o Book”; Vein Mag, Spain – Feature “10 Seconds”; SMBH Magazine, Feature | 2013 I Love You Magazine Germany – Interview & Feature; Autre Magazine, France – Interview; Self Publish Be Happy – Feature | 2012 Publico, Portugal – Feature | 2010 Vice, Spain – Feature “Sucubo”.

19.04.11 - Rita Lino


Mupi Gallery

Ficha Técnica

The Politics of Images
Curator: João Baeta
Production and Communication: Mariana Vitale
Production and Communication Assistance: Catarina Rangel Pereira
Supported by: Bondlayer, Epson, JCDecaux, CM Porto



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19.04.11 - Rita Lino

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19.04.11 - Rita Lino
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