UNCHARTED TERRITORIES: Good Morning, Transnistria
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BEAST International Film Festival, “one of the most interesting emerging film festivals in the country” (Público, 2019), brings Porto’s community together in celebration of the best cinema from Eastern Europe.

BEAST IFF is shining a light over the East European cinema landscape. Balkans, Baltics or Post-Communism, BEAST opened a cultural umbrella covering 21 countries, with an unique representation focusing on new works, new talents presenting the new faces of the New East.

The festival is establishing itself as a complex channel of contemporary culture From Eastern Europe to Portugal, focused on cinema but extending its program with parallel activities such as exhibitions, masterclass sessions workshops and related industry events.

The festival structure is designed in a way that is able to provide a diverse collection of films as part of the official competition as well as the special programs such as Focus Country, Portuguese Abroad or BEAST Kids, which help in bringing a broader and more complete selection to the big screens of Porto.

The 4th edition will take place between 24-28 of March 2021 with Focus Country - Romania.


Good morning, Transnistria

Direction: Bård Kjøge Rønning, Fabien Greenberg

Production: Antipode Films

Noruega, Moldávia; Norway, Moldova | 52:04 | 2017 | Cor; Documentário 

JURY Special Mention - BEAST 2017


Transnistria is a thin strip of land east of the Moldovan Dnister River and the Ukranian border. Since 1992, Transnistria has claimed and defended its independence, keeping all relevant artifacts of autonomous statehood: parliament, government, military, police and currency. 

In this impelling documentary we meet Oxana, a naive and obedient school teacher, and Victor, tombstone dealer and regime opponent – as we, for the first time on film – live and explore the nervous system of this communistic rebel republic.

It's probably the only country in Europe you never heard of!

Late at night, there are animals minding their own business beside a lake under a delightful spring breeze. In the end, some of them meet and click nicely immediately, so they drink tea and make rice happily.





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