Outros Portos - Outros Olhares
Curated by: Clara Brito & Gu Zhenqing


"Outros Portos - Outros Olhares" is an exhibition dedicated to the theme of the feminine, which results from the selection of photographic works by five artists, women, who work with the theme of the female conscience in their works.

The present show stages a visual narrative that is organized into two significant axes in the current framework of the debate about the place of women as a political subject and, in a more general context, in the grammar of contemporary feminisms.

The first axis develops in the questioning of the fixist essentialisms around the woman subject and the views, politically and culturally, hegemonic in the societies where these artists fit. These are territories of violence, symbolic or material, from which the work of artists Danwen Xing, Margarida Gouveia and Mina Ao emerge - instead of surrendering to fear and reactive embarrassment, they try here a sincere look at how these artists feel and reflect these situations. Peng Yun, on the other hand, explores female curiosity about gender and the female body in an exercise of pleasure and discovery.

In a second axis of this exhibition, subsidiary to a certain extent from the previous one, it proposes a reflection on the power of culture and of female leaders in political contexts with a low density of rights and in which the female subject assumes particular centrality in the micropolitics and dynamics of recurring cultural negotiation.

Here is the work of Zhang O - which reflects the questioning of the emergence of power in a culture when led by female integration. The exhibited works document the reflection of the extension, since 1991, of the chinese adoption law that led american families to adopt more than 55,000 chinese children, mostly girls. The aim is to reflect on the cultural exchange relations between these young girls, future women, their western families and their host country.

"Outros Portos - Outros Olhares" narrates a journey of sincerity and questioning freed from the constraints and bonds of fear, avoiding a reactive language opting for a positive and accepting look at how these artists feel and see the female gender.

Ficha Técnica

Curatorship: Clara Brito & Gu Zhenqing

Production Direction: Mariana Vitale

Production Assistance: Catarina Rangel Pereira

Content Digital Managemetn and Comunication: Catarina R. Pereira, Diana Reis e Mariana VItale

Press: Diana Reis 

Print: Lumen

Montage: Kiko Richard

Cleaner: Manuela Pinto

Organization: Saco Azul e Maus Hábitos

Partnership: +853 Cultural Association


Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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