Rita Lino
podcast #008

Outras Conversas | Entre-vistas com o Baeta

Outras Conversas | Entre-vistas com o Baeta

with Rita Lino



Born in Portugal, 1986, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Rita Lino began tracing her own path in Photography by exploring freely and without any kind of pre-conception the construction of the still image of the body.

Uses the analog of digital means os photopraghy to show us a “natural obsession” with the human body, in an intimacy presented in a visceral way. Simultaneously Lino has developed fashion projects and collaborated with several initiatives and international brands.

We highlight her participations and collaborations in publications, in a selection as:

2016 Blow Magazine, Dublin – Feature; ID Magazine, Spain – Interview; S Magazine, Denmark – Feature “Structures” | 2015 Dazed Digital, UK – Interview; L’oeil de la photographie, France – Feature; American SuburbX (ASX), USA – Book review; Collector Daily, USA – Book review; YET Magazine, Switzerland – Book review; Metal Magazine, Spain – Interview & Book review; Magenta #1, Poland – Feature “Nowa Anatomia”; Art-magazin, Germany – Interview | 2014 L’Amatour, Belgium – Feature “La fille d’o Book”; Vein Mag, Spain – Feature “10 Seconds”; SMBH Magazine, Feature | 2013 I Love You Magazine Germany – Interview & Feature; Autre Magazine, France – Interview; Self Publish Be Happy – Feature | 2012 Publico, Portugal – Feature | 2010 Vice, Spain – Feature “Sucubo”.


Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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