Death and Documentary: Porto & Austin

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Death and Documentary: Porto & Austin

Session duration:: 53’

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Age rating: +13

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There is only one certainty in life: we are all going to die. Death is inevitable as much as it is part of life. Death is all around us in everyday life: an animal we eat, a plant that dries out, a lost love, a deserted location ... However, death does not necessarily mean finity, but rather a process of change, of transition, and breakage.

The “Death and Documentary” class, with a 1st edition in partnership between the University of Texas at Austin and ESMAD, comes with the purpose of looking at death from a number of alternative approaches and consider how they can be represented in the documentary film, comprising a wide range of interpretations. The focus is on death in the broad sense, as a transformative idea, a source of spiritual and aesthetic power, a subject of narrative fascination and raw material for documentary creation.


Body and Soil

Working at a cemetery requires a constant and close contact with death. In the town of Bragança, Corpo e Terra explores the life of gravediggers through a personal look at their daily work and their views towards the meaning of the body, life and death.


Director: João Pedro Tiago & Ana Rita Oliveira

Staring: Daniel Vaz, Manuel Alves, Manuel Lopes, Paulo Afonso e Rita Tomêno

DoP and Editing: João Pedro Tiago

Sound: Ana Rita Oliveira

Gaffer: Tiago Garcia

Producer: Death and Documentary class / ESMAD - IP Porto

Portugal | 0:15:20 | 2019 | Color; Documentary.

Memory Box

Memory is fragile and unstable, like reading a poem. When we open a box, it awakens a narrative, suggesting that a past printed in photography does not fall into oblivion. Reflections on the time that goes by and how the passing time interferes in the perception of the past. The taste of the family memory is like a chocolate cake with coffee.

Director: Marcelo de Mattos

Producer: Death and Documentary class / ESMAD - IP Porto

Portugal | 0:09:15 | 2020 | Color; Documentary Film.

Just Like the Films

"I always needed fiction to make sense of reality".

A cinematic image fills the void left by the death of a loved one.

This is a film about loss, loneliness and the love for the movies.

Director: Sara N. Santos

Producer:  Death and Documentary class/ ESMAD - IP Porto

Country | 0:10:00 | 2020 | B&W; Experimental/Documentary Film.

Grandma’s house

Life memories are packed in boxes. Life experiences in the images. Leaving a house behind is also leaving a piece of history, abandoning the past and looking for interconnections between the fixed images and the ones we keep recording.

Director: Edmundo Correira

Producer: curso Death and Documentary / ESMAD - IP Porto

Portugal | 0:07:49 | 2019 | Color; Documentary Film.

Dear Quarantine

Three young adults stuck at home because of a pandemic decide to write a visual letter to the quarantine, as if it was a character itself. In this letter they expose their reflections upon all the feelings that these hard times evoke; the fear of change, the nostalgia, the real meaning of "saudade" and the curiosity of what is coming next.

Director: Beatriz Sá, Isa Cancela e Nassandi Röpke

Script: Beatriz Sá, Isa Cancela e Nassandi Röpke

Voice-over: Beatriz Sá, Isa Cancela e Nassandi Röpke

Post-Production: Beatriz Sá, Isa Cancela e Nassandi Röpke

Editing: Beatriz Sá

Sound Editor: Nassandi Röpke

Color Grading: Isa Cancela

Producer: Death and Documentary class / ESMAD - IP Porto

Portugal | 0:10:29 | 2020 | Color; Documentary Film.





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