Cristina Regadas
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Outras Conversas | Entre-vistas com o Baeta

Outras Conversas | Entre-vistas com o Baeta

with Cristina Regadas


Cristina Regadas (Porto, 1977) is a visual artist based in Porto, Portugal.

Graduated in Sculpture, in the Fine Arts University Porto; studied Photography in the École Supérieure “Le 75” Brussels, Belgium.

She has participated in group and solo exhibitions such as Eterno Retorno Galeria MCO Arte Contemporânea; Mapa Natal, Espaço Mira (2016); Nuvens Passageiras, PATCH (2016); Manual, Paços da Cultura SJM (2016) after an art residency at Oliva Creative Factory;  Frame of reference (Campo contra-campo), O Sol Aceita a Pele Para Ficar (2016); SUB 40, Galeria Municipal Almeida Garrett (2014); HETERO Q.B., Museu do Chiado, (2013).

Her work explores the notion of time through photography, organic matter, image archives and memory. By collecting and appropriating elements from these systems, Cristina Regadas juxtaposes and creates sedimentations of objects that seek to establish parallel historico-poetic narratives of the past and the present.


Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

Produção Artística

Assessoria de Imprensa & Comunicação


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