the poetry of the land never dies
João Pedro Trindade


“(…) I loved to admire the beauty of things, to discover in the imperceptible, through what is small, the poetic soul of the universe.
The poetry of the land never dies. (…)”

Fernando Pessoa, Páginas Íntimas e de Autointerpretação.

«Of all the things we see in a day, how many of them do we take for common things? How much poetry passes under our eyes when they are compulsively kept at a higher level of the ground? Perhaps the fascination that happens, without us understanding why, resides here, in the unexpected delicacy of what has always been there.

We could say that someone who walks with his eyes on the ground is someone who seeks to know where his feet lie, if the path is right; those who avoid confrontation, those whose thoughts do not allow them to raise their heads, those who try their luck in the hope of finding a forgotten note, and those for whom the ground has become a place of collection, will also walk with their eyes set on the ground.

João Pedro Trindade's collection, quiet and persistent, does not take place on a whim, but rather because his nature demands it.

The gaze is projected on a kind of cane that finds its sustenance on the ground.
- the image is given;
the silence of one who walks between one task and another where so often the time left over for contemplation is the same, that of the journey.
- the image again.

How many times have I taken my eyes for superficial when I saw what Joao's eyes grasped: imagining us with our eyes set on the same surface, I wonder if it would still be possible to rescue what he would rescue.
This is where his poetry lies, in his ability to harvest and consequently to transform the tiny details of our days.»

Rita Senra


João Pedro Trindade (Aveiro, 1990) lives and works in Porto.
He has been collaborating in cultural development and dissemination projects such as Painel (2012/2014) and Nartece (2015/2017), and is currently part of the Sismógrafo project team.
As an author, he has been making use of means such as painting, sculpture and installation in the research and production of his work.
Since 2016, he has been working as a workshop production assistant in the Teatro de Marionetas do Porto Company.
He has a graduation in Fine Arts - Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.

20.01.16 - João Pedro Trindade


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20.01.16 - João Pedro Trindade

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20.01.16 - João Pedro Trindade
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