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BEAST International Film Festival

Sessão de cinema ON LINE

Warm up BEAST International Film Festival, 4th ed. 

03.02 – 21h

Total running time: 21´

Age rating: 16

Live Streaming: páginas do facebook @BEAST-International Film Festival @Maus Hábitos-Espaço de Intervenção e @Saco Azul Associação Cultural


BEAST IFF is shining a light over the East European cinema landscape. Balkans, Baltics or Post-Communism, BEAST opened a cultural umbrella covering 21 countries, with an unique representation focusing on new works, new talents presenting the new faces of the New East.

For these days of confinement, BEAST IFF has prepared two online film sessions for everyone to enjoy safely and at home. The sessions are part of a warm-up for the 4th edition of BEAST IFF that will take place between the 24th and 28th of March 2021, with Focus Country - Romania.


In the first session, a performance from Russia is presented to the public and in the second, from Bulgaria.


Check out the program below and participate!

Line up 


Red Light 

Director: Toma Waszarow

Bulgaria | 21'18'' | 2017 | Colour; Fiction

In 2015, in a small Bulgarian village, a bus stops at the only intersection, where the traffic light is stuck on red. Stoyan (63), the bus driver, refuses to move forward which provokes a conflict. A story about the funny side of apathy, selfishness, and loneliness in a world where following the rules is a kind of misunderstanding.





Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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