Vanishing Acts
Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro


João Baeta


Vanishing Acts

Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro

Cycle "Poetic or Political?", curated by João Baeta

[Free Entrance]

To disappear is to exist. To be an image in the eyes of others. Vanishing acts are the impossible turn of existing in public. A body. A body that is looked at. An image that belongs to others. Fleeting and centrifuge. 

Participation: Rebecca Moradalizadeh

About the artist 

Her artistic work reflects on identity and contextual issues, as a way of questioning the very notion of the individual, between personal and social narratives. She has carried out curatorial work with various institutional collections and also in alternative exhibition contexts, having been responsible for the Art and Architecture Program of Guimarães 2012, European Capital of Culture. She has regular editorial activity which includes some artist publications. She has been teaching since 2004 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, where she is an Integrated Member of i2ads, Research Institute in Art Design and Society.

Graduated in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, holds a PhD by Project from Chelsea College. Key Visiting Tutor at the Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London, between 1998 and 2006. Her interests span art practice, art education, as well as critical research and writing.

22.02.17 - Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro


Mupi Gallery

Ficha Técnica

Poetic or Political?

Curated by: João Baeta

Production: Mariana Vitale

Communication: Filipe Confraria, Mariana Vitale e Rodrigo Rosas

Print: Lumen



Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

Produção & Programação Artística

Assessoria de Imprensa

22.02.17 - Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro

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22.02.17 - Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro
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