Exposição Sprint Apneia.2
Anabela Bravo + Pascal Ferreira


Apneia, a residency project developed by artists Hugo Soares, João Gigante and Reis Valdrez, directed by Carmo Osul, presents this month the finale of its 2nd residency, attended by artists Anabela Bravo (Lx) and Pascal Ferreira (Opo), The residency took place over a month, after a brief Sprint exhibition at Árvore, and ends now with a Podium Exhibition on Feb. 6th at 9pm in Maus Hábitos. Up ahead in the last week of the exhibition, on the 24.02 at 6pm, a public conversation takes place between artists, programmers and invited theorists, to reflect the residence and the exhibits that followed it.

About the artist, Pascal Ferreira is characterized by a plastic work where the creation of places and landscapes, or the representation of those, stars as an adventure, an imaginary and a sublimation to the viewer himself. Anabela Bravo’s work develops on a experimental basis, with the purpose of confirming the existence of chance in the artistic practice, through the game personified in the object “Dice”, the character of so many plays of fate.

16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Anabela e Pascal





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16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Anabela e Pascal

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16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Anabela e Pascal
16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Anabela e Pascal
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