Exposição Sprint Apneia.4
Dalila Gonçalves + Fabrizio Matos


The residency project Apneia presents its 4th edition, featuring artists Dalila Gonçalves e Fabrizio Matos.

Apneia.4 starts with a Sprint exhibition on September 16th in Cooperativa Árvore, that will to present the duo who will develop this residency.

This exhibition, named Sprint is like a first moment of "effort" for the artists, both fast and incisive. It is the entrance to a stage in which, over a month, the two artists will produce artistic proposals, ending in another exhibition, this one post-residency, which opens on October 19th at 22h in Maus Hábitos. There, in the Podium exhibition, Dalila Gonçalves and Fabrizio Matos will present the end result of this residency.

During the exhibition stay, there will be an Artist Talk between the artists and the curatorial team of the project, which will take place on October the 26, in which they will reflect the residency and the exhibitions that took place.

About the artists:

Dalila Gonçalves has a long practice where the plastic approach is based on different conceptual and materic processes. Her work process is a balance between the form of doing and the how to do it, in a game between a real and a possible metaphoric reconstruction of daily life which is equivalent to her working process.

Fabrizio Matos has a work that can roam between different narrative constructions, where painting and sculpture assume an important presence. As he refers, his work involves the evocation of a past, a memory, something that has already happened. A plastic construction around the idea of "mystery," something "inexplicable", built through its process as an author.

16.09.16 - Exposição Sprint Dalila + Fabrizio





Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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16.09.16 - Exposição Sprint Dalila + Fabrizio

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16.09.16 - Exposição Sprint Dalila + Fabrizio
16.09.16 - Exposição Sprint Dalila + Fabrizio
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