Exposição Sprint Apneia.3
Jorge Lourenço + Luísa Abreu


Apneia, an artistic residencies project created by artists Hugo Soares, João Gigante and Reis Valdrez and conducted by Carmo Osul, presents its 3th residency with the participation of the artists Jorge Lourenço e Luísa Abreu (Opo).

The residency opens with a public conversation on Feb. 18th, in Maus Hábitos, between the artists and the creators of the project. Then follows the Sprint Exhibition, on Feb. 19th in Árvore, a fast exhibit format that works as stress test for the artists, and as a public introduction of the residency. Then takes place the residency period of approximately one month in Árvore, ending with the Podium Exhibition on March 26th in Maus Hábitos, in which the artists present the final result of the residency.
The exhibition ends weeks after, with a Final Artist Talk on April 13 at 6pm, between the artists, programmers and invited theorist, to reflect the residence and the exhibits that followed it, as well as to celebrate the finissage of this exhibition.

About the artists:

Jorge Lourenço, suggests an approximation of his work to the transcendent, constantly questioning its own definitions, while assuming himself as someone who works in the field of painting and explores the usurpation of its inherent attributes.

Luísa Abreu, explores the relationship between man and object and the endless variations of the correlation that may exist between them, analysing the action of accumulating and collecting to formulate reflections that extract the plurality of objects giving them a unique content.

16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Luísa e Jorge





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4º andar

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16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Luísa e Jorge

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16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Luísa e Jorge
16.02.19 - Exposição Sprint Luísa e Jorge
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