curatorship by Miguel von Hafe Pérez
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Miguel von Hafe Pérez


Ver as vozes dos artistas

Curatorship: Miguel von Hafe Perez

Metro do Porto Stations

We live in a strange age: museums see the number of visitors growing steadily, the numbers of auctioned sales of international contemporary art leave us appalled, however the presence of artists in the public space - and intellectuals in general - has been decreasing in a worrying way.
For everything (politics, football or social life) there appear gold-paid commentators. But who asks, nowadays, what artists think about what surrounds them? Gone are the days when philosophers would spend more than an hour on any subject on public television.

The voice of art does not solve problems, it does not foster political, ethical or social solutions but presents itself as discursive, a voice for a particular and unique view of the world. It adds to it a derisory, critical density and, always, when it is truly a matter of art, questions the assimilated standards as normatively correct or expectant.
Let these voices be heard. Or in the case of the visual arts, let's see the voices of the artists. One day we will regret ignoring them.

Miguel von Hafe Pérez

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Ficha Técnica

Curadoria: Miguel von Hafe Pérez
Produção Artística: Daniel Pires e Mariana Vitale
Assistência de Produção: Carolina Grilo
Gestão de Conteúdos Digitais: Mariana Oliveira
Edição de Conteúdos: Mariana Vitale
Design Gráfico: United By
Aplicação Digital: Bondlayer
Impressão: Lumen
Assessoria de Imprensa: Beatriz Vasconcelos
Fotografia: João Pádua
Colaboração: João Abreu, José Pedro e Luis Salgado
Coprodução: Metro do Porto
Organização: Saco Azul e Maus Hábitos



RTP | Jornal 2
"Ver as Vozes dos artistas" invade o metro do Porto
Público | Ípsilon
Um bilhete Z2 para a arte contemporânea

Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

Produção & Programação Artística

Assessoria de Imprensa

18.06.22 - Ver as vozes dos artistas

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18.06.22 - Ver as vozes dos artistas
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