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Sessão de cinema

Feminine Cinema Cycle – 42nd Screening

24.11.2021 - 21h00

Duration: 70 min

Show Room

Session Presentation

After the 4th edition of the Porto Femme International Film Festival, which took place from September 30th to October 5th, we started a new season of Femme Sessions, with the screening of the winners and other films that were part of the official competition of this festival.

Under the heading Cinema à Mesa, the Femme Sessions screen, on the last Wednesdays of each month, cinema made by women!

For this 42nd session, we invite you to join us to watch four awarded short films of the International Competition and Thematic Competition of this 4th Edition.


International Competition | Special Mention for Short Fiction and Best Actress Award


France | 24'07" | 2020

Director: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix

Cast: Françoise Miquelis, Charles Clément, Tiphaine Daviot

Production: Tabo Tabo Films, Louison Blaizot, Suzanne Colin


Diane, in her fifties, fantasizes about the enigmatic Pierre, who works with her at the gas station. When she wins a trip for two around France, she decides to invite him along. But she

wasn’t aware that Pierre already has someone quite special in his life…

Thematic Competition | Best movie


Germany, Iran | 19’00’’ | 2020

Director: Amina Maher

Cast: Dariush Baradari, Amin Maher

Production: Amina Maher


In a bold and heartfelt cinematic letter to his mother, the filmmaker Amina Maher reveals the most painful of childhood secrets. The film explores gender confusion, sexuality, guilt and repression in relation with violence and identity. Letter to my Mother is a means for survival, a way to stand and speak up and to understand. It is an attempt to break taboos and push boundaries – both social and personal, and to create life and art out of the darkest experiences. There are times when cinema itself seems implicated in this difficult story, charting abuse that began at the exact time she was appearing in Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten (2002) which featured the real-life relationship between her mother and Amina.

Thematic Competition | Special Mention


Spain | 13’00’’ | 2020

Director: Begoña Arostegui

Cast: Manolo Solo


For our hero, every day looks the same. Or maybe they are too much alike: the same routines repeated over and over again. One day, a simple board that says “Park” will make everything shake.

Thematic Competition | Special Mention


Italy | 10’38’’ | 2020

Director: Martina Selva

Production: Martina Selva


The short shows the evolution of the director, from her childhood to the moment she decides she doesn’t want to be a human anymore, resolution both political and provocative. Her story is told alongside that of humanity, the relationship between humans and animals, man’s taxonomic obsession who makes us constantly classify, define and ultimately exclude. The short is an ironic outlook on issues such as the anitispecist critic and the search for an identity.

*Every last Wednesday of each month, the Maus Hábitos screens thematic cinema cycles in which the common denominator is films directed by women.

The aim is to give visibility to the work of women in the film industry, through the projection of their works and, whenever possible, their presence in the sessions, promoting the encounter between the public and the authors.

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22.03.09 -  Programa Paralelo RIVVA by Porto Femme #01

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