Ao Monte


Final exhibition of the group residency AoMonte, for the creation of artist’s books. Until 27.01 at Maus Hábitos

After Rua do Sol 172, A Fundação is the second collective invited to take part in Ao Monte, a project that consists of making 7 “artist’s books” by groups that have marked and still mark Oporto in the last decade.

A Fundação is the designation of the project located at Rua do Bonjardim, no951 that took place between 2009-2011 with monthly activities at the residence of the designer Miguel Flor. Its regular programming of visual arts exhibitions was led by Cristina Regadas, José Almeida Pereira and Miguel Flor. Three years later and after an exceptional opening under the Ouunpo project in 2012, the group will meet again in this residence, inviting along many other artists and friends that took part in their project.

15.12.19 - Ao Monte - Fundação


Ao Monte



Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

Produção & Programação Artística

Assessoria de Imprensa

15.12.19 - Ao Monte - Fundação

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15.12.19 - Ao Monte - Fundação
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