Rua do Sol 172
Ao Monte


With André Fonseca, Francisco Babo, Francisco Laranjeira, José Oliveira, Luísa Abreu, Verónica Calheiros & Victor Israel

Final exhibition of the group residency Ao Monte for the creation of artist’s books, with the collective Rua do Sol.

In exhibition until 4.06. Finissage & Artist Talk at 18h.

“If Rua do Sol was an agrarian set,
it doesn´t lack cultures for all the times.
From the beans to the berries; corn and wheat transgenic; pumpkins to decorate.
But it´s not.
We aren´t farmers.
We like to eat and we have more eyes than bellies.
What we propose in this time, due to the stagnation, it´s that the culture can be consumed, so let´s serve it to eat.
Eat in the mouth, be good fork.
Have the stomach to kill the animal.
Give to the chins our bread from each day.
God knows, and his circle too, that the blood which runs in us is wine and our meat is red, next to the cancer that requires us to fight.
Rua do Sol 172 is the first collective invited to join Ao Monte, a project that consists of making seven artist’s books by groups that have marked and still mark Oporto over the last decade.”

The collective Rua do Sol takes place in the cultural context of Oporto as an informal group of artists from different backgrounds, developing a constant activity in three aspects of artistic practice: the collective studio, exhibitions in its own gallery and the artistic creation for unrelated projects. Currently the collective is based on the no. 202 of Rua Duque de Loulé, in the Catholic Circle of Oporto’s Workers (CCOP) building.

Rua do Sol was the first collective invited to join the project the Ao Monte, which consists in the making of artistic residencies for the creation of 7 artist books by formal or informal collectives, that have marked and still mark Oporto in the last decade. Aiming to create a book/artefact that arose from the group’s dynamic, the collective presents here the results of their work in the form of a service set of dishes.

Ao Monte is a project directed by Felícia Teixeira and João Brojo, coordinated by Carmo Osul.

16.05.07 - Ao Monte Rua do Sol


Ao Monte



Saco Azul, Maus Hábitos,
Rua Passos Manuel 178

4º andar

4000-382 Porto

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16.05.07 - Ao Monte Rua do Sol

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16.05.07 - Ao Monte Rua do Sol
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