Ateliê Encantado

Alexandre Vogler & Ronald Duarte

Exposição coletiva

Ateliê Encantado 

In Residence 2021, 5a edition | Support by Câmara do Porto

artists: Alexandre Vogler & Ronald Duarte 

Opening: 21.10 (THU), after 7pm, exhibition room

Às 17h, performance “Touro Negro Encantado”, pela cidade do Porto mediante inscrição. Informações e inscrições neste link


At 5 pm, it will happen a performance, “Touro Negro Encantado”, at the city of Porto upon proposal. Information and registration on this link. 


until: 20.11


[Free Entrance]



Alexandre Vogler and Ronald Duarte are invited to the 5th edition of In Residence, held with the support of the Porto Chamber. This program is part of the Caravan project, dedicated to artistic creation, by Saco Azul and Maus Hábitos.

Alexandre Vogler has developed since 2000 works in public context and communication systems, collectively or individually. Ronald Duarte presents a production whose in situ work is deeply rooted in its local context and which, using urban intervention as its action strategy, brings a relationship of symbolic continuity with the spaces where it operates. Both artists participated in important exhibitions in Brazil and around the world, and were nominated for the PIPA award, one of the most important Brazilian awards in visual arts.



About the proposition

The Ateliê Encantado residency project, developed by the artists Alexandre Vogler and Ronald Duarte, has as its principle the creation of a laboratory that concentrates the research of enchanted elements (in fact or as self-fiction), gathered in the form of an installation space that activates the properties spells of collected and created elements. In Amerindian culture, it is said to be enchanted beings who, animated by unknown forces, inhabit the sky, jungles, waters or sacred places. Popular belief refers to enchantment as magical processes, taken by fascination, acting in the sphere of the sensible - although its existence is not proven.

21.10.12 - Ateliê Encantado | In Residence 5ª edição

Ficha Técnica

Artistic Direction: Daniel Pires e Mariana Vitale 

Artists in Residence: Alexandre Vogler e Ronald Duarte

Production Department and General Coordination: Mariana Vitale

Assembly and Technical Support: Kiko Richard

Photograph: José Caldeira

Communication: Filipe Confraria, Mariana Vitale e Rodrigo Rosas

Press Office: Filipe Confraria

Trainee: Lua Baños

Cleaning: Manuela Pinto

Support: Câmara do Porto

Organization: Saco Azul & Maus Hábitos 


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Danilo Galvão 

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Isaque Pinheiro

Isidro Martins 

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21.10.12 - Ateliê Encantado | In Residence 5ª edição

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21.10.12 - Ateliê Encantado | In Residence 5ª edição
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