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The "MONSTRA à Solta" returns to Porto with the presentation of two sessions for this August. The chosen films were in competition at this year's festival in Lisbon. This is another partnership between the festival and Saco Azul Associação Cultural and Maus Hábitos. In the first session you can check animations coming from: Canada, Estonia, India, Japan, Norway, Portugal and UK.


▪️ Wings

Riho Unt, Estónia, 2020, 13’

An eccentric inventor Jaan is about to fulfil his dreams of flying high in the sky when the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance luminary, joins him in his aspirations.However, towards the horizon where dreams and reality meet is heading Jaan's wife Liisa as an elegant winged creature, who has been neglected by Jaan's madness and ingenuity. 

▪️ Word Out Words

Maria Giraldes, Portugal, 2020, 3’

Two fish, green and orange swim in a fantastic universe. The two enter into an animated pursuit generating several metamorphoses in the spaces in which they are. Each transformation represents a different phase of the relationship between the two, interpolated with excerpts from the poem.

▪️ Wade

Kalp Sanghvi, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, India, 2019, 11'

In a version of Kolkata, India rendered unlivable by sea level rise, things take a dark turn when a family of climate change refugees are ambushed by a tiger on the flooded streets.

▪️ Apocalypse is Under the Blanket

Theodore Ushev, Canadá, 2020, 6’

An animated film painted on emergency thermal safety blankets, featuring the state of emergency declarations of Trump, Macron, Putin, Merkel and many others.

▪️ Genius Loci

Adrien Mérigeau, França, 2019, 15’

One night, Reine, a young loner, sees within the urban chaos a mystical oneness

that seems alive, like some sort of guide.

▪️ Pearl Diver

Margrethe Danielsen, Noruega, 2020, 9’

Three couples are facing different challenges:

A middle aged hedgehog falls in love with a balloon, but finds it difficult to maintain his grooming routine. A couple of arctic lovers are experiencing a coldness between them, and two oysters are losing patience as they wait to be on the same schedule.


▪️ My Exercise

Atsushi Wada, Japão, 2020, 3’

A boy is doing exercises with his dog.

▪️ O Black Hole!

Renee Zhan, UK, 2020, 14’

A woman who can't stand the passing of time turns herself into a black hole. A thousand unchanging years pass inside her warm and dark embrace until, finally, the Singularity awakens inside. An immovable woman meets an unstoppable girl in this musical quest to discover the meaning of transience and letting go.

▪️ A Menina Parada

Joana Toste, Portugal, 2021, 9’

A little girl gets separated from her mom and refuses to move from where she is. A police officer stops everyone around from making her to move. The standing girl and the policeman guarding her manage to stop traffic only to shake the city dwellers' hearts. 

21.08.04 - MONSTRA À SOLTA #01





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21.08.04 - MONSTRA À SOLTA #01

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21.08.04 - MONSTRA À SOLTA #01
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