Shortcutz Porto #255 apresenta "Menino 23"
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The day we return to our favourite venues is here! With responsibility, MAUS HÁBITOS will re-open in June and our FEMME SESSIONS will return under a new format: Films at the Table.

For this #26 session, which happens on the 10th at 21pm, we receive the BRIGHT SPOTS & PUSHING BOUNDARIES project with the latest animations by the hands of Australian female artists.

In its international cultural work, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs attaches great importance to the role of women in art and society. The Section for Cultural Relations Abroad and the International Tricky Women Festival in Vienna have been cooperating successfully for a number of years, presenting the animated films of Austrian women artists or women artists living in Austria abroad. The Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Animation Festival program comprises works of various techniques by already established and internationally recognized women artists as well as by up-and-coming young animation filmmakers—our “rising stars”. What is particularly remarkable about the films is how well the artists succeed in briefly and succinctly summarizing socio-politically important topics. The title of the program, “Bright Spots & Pushing Boundaries” already indicates the artistic orientation of the animated films.

The two previous programs have already traveled to 23 countries and we hope that many new destinations will be added and that women‘s films will become even more visible.

▪️ Film program here

▪️ Trailer here



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20.07.01 - Shortcutz Porto #255 apresenta "Menino 23"

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20.07.01 - Shortcutz Porto #255 apresenta "Menino 23"
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