Shortcutz Porto #267

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Ashgan El-Hamus | Live-Action | 15’29’'

Joy and her daughter Skye live in a trailer park on the outskirts of town. Joy’s free parenting style is put to the test when Skye tries to look a lot like her mother.

Director: Ashgan El-Hamus

Main Cast: Faye Vekemans, Frieda Barnhard

Producers: Janneke Doolaard for Doxy

Screenplay: Ashgan El-Hamus

Cinematography: Sam du Pon

Editing: Tessel de Vries



Remco Polman and Jantiene de Kroon | Animation | 19’53''

Camouflage is a dystopian thriller in which we follow the story of office clerk Amouf. Amouf desperately tries to hold his life together while the world around him gets darker and darker, following the rise of De Jager. This flamboyant and highly intimidating creature is a hate-instigating vigilante, who has sworn to systematically prosecute certain groups and Amouf is not a brave character. Will he be strong enough to resist?

Directors: Remco Polman, Jantiene de Kroon

Producers: Jantiene de Kroon, Annemie Degryse

Screenplay: Jantiene de Kroon, Remco Polman




Emmanuel Tenenbaum | Live-Action | 19’20’’

Tom is a young trader in a London bank, whose recent performance has put his job on the line. When the first plane hits the World Trade Centre on the morning of September 11th 2001, Tom, convinced that it's a terrorist attack and not an accident, jumps into the biggest trade of his life. Based on a true story, adapted from the best-selling novel Swimming with Sharks by Joris Luyendijk.

Directors: Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Main Cast: Abraham Lewis, Vincent Regan, Packy Lee, Bally Gill

Producers: Zangro

Screenplay: Guillaume Fournier | Story: Guillaume Fournier & Emmanuel Tenenbaum | Inspired by the book of Joris Luyendijk ‘Dit kan niet waar zijn’

Cinematography: Antoine Roch

Editing: Jean-Baptiste Guignot



Edson da Conceição | Live-Action | 11'49’'

When cab driver Oussama (40) reluctantly has to pick up the last customer of his night shift, he meets the endearing Joyce (50), who wants to make a few stops on the way. The encounter results in a road trip through the city of Rotterdam, that neither of them will soon forget.

Directors: Edson da Conceição

Main Cast: Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld; Walid Benmbarek

Producers: Nicky Onstenk, Marc Bary

Screenplay: Leila Sahir

Cinematography: Jeroen Klokgieters

Editing: Patrick Schonewille



Vincent Tilanus | Drama | 20’00’'

In the last weeks of being high school students, Cas and Naomi, both out of the closet, prefer to spend their days together. As “brother and sister" of other parents, they experience security and love that they cannot find elsewhere. But when their future plans seem to drive them apart, their relationship will be put at risk and the affectionate Cas must dare to be alone.

Directors: Vincent Tilanus

Main Cast: Tijn Winters, Jetske Lieber

Producers: Loes Komen, Eva Verweij

Screenplay: Vincent Tilanus

Cinematography: Eva Heinsbroek

Editing: Tobias Cornelissen



Jan Verdijk | Live-Action | 21'15’'

Who can you trust during a global pandemic? Two sisters who live in forced isolation get suspicious when a man suddenly appears claiming he wants to help them. The uncanny atmosphere of the Covid lockdown is taken one step further in this gloomy short film, in which the two sisters Roos and Mira try to survive in their sealed up home, while the pandemic rages outside.

Directors: Jan Verdijk

Main Cast: Nola Elvis Kemper, Femke de Booys, Ward Weemhoff

Producers: Daniel Dow

Screenplay: Jan Verdijk

Cinematography: Noél Schoolderman

Editing: Joshua Menco



Lucas Camps | Live-Action | 07’54’'

When a cinema audience starts mocking the film they're watching, the events in the theatre take an unexpected turn.

Director: Lucas Camps

Main Cast: Bert Hana, Florence Vos Weeda, Anton de Bies, Daniël Kolf

Producers: Lucas Camps

Screenplay: Lucas Camps

Cinematography: Danny Noordanus

Editing: Max Vonk



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